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Castello di Guarene

Via Alessandro Roero, 2, 12050 Guarene CN

H. 18.30

Little pill of history

A castle has dominated Guarene from its hill for seven centuries. In medieval times a fortress stood in this place. In the 18th century, a new summer residence was designed and built here for the counts of Roero by Count Carlo Giacinto. Today, the palace continues to make people's dreams come true. Preserved in its splendor, with all its works of art intact, it now also houses a high-level hotel. Unmissable stop on any itinerary of the Baroque attractions of Piedmont, it is among the best places to stay in the region. The palace is an imposing three-storey building that reaches 25 meters in height and is surrounded by large and elegant Italian gardens from the first half of the 18th century. It enjoys an incomparable view over the entire Langhe chain from Monferrato to Verduno: this landscape, among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is covered with renowned vineyards and dotted with castles, towers and villages. In the other direction, it overlooks the peaks of the Roero and the distant Alps.

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